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Camp Daddy Allen

This is what the beds look like.  You may want to bring an air matress, pillows and other equipment.   

This is the inside of a sleeping cabin.  Please be sure to

bring any comfort items.        



    A view of the outside of the dining hall.                                                       


  Inside the dining hall.  This is only one half of the building.



  This is the kitchen that all of the meals will be prepared.                                   


                               Here is the registration office.                                   


This is one of the restrooms.  The shower houses are in

a different area.



Inside one of the four lodges.  There is plenty of extra space

                   in these buildings in case of bad weather.                       


The fireplace inside the rec building.   This is a very large

          space for activities and fun.                  


The infirmary for any of our first aid needs.

The fireplace in the dining hall.

The picnic area and fire ring outside of the dining hall.

The basketball courts near the rec building.

The nature building.

Another view of a sleeping cabin.

Inside the spacious infirmary.

The main fire ring.

The back of the registration office.


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